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  1. Adding a food item to the diet journal from your iPhone

  2. Adding a food item to the Diet Tracker

  3. Adding a meal to the diet plan

  4. Adding an exercise group

  5. Adding an exercise to the workout tracker

  6. Calculating the maximum heart rate

  7. Can anyone else see my photos?

  8. Can I close my account any time?

  9. Changing the goal and activity level

  10. Changing the password

  11. Changing the Reps/Sets/Tempo/Intensity/Distance etc. in my workouts

  12. Changing the time of the meals

  13. Choosing a new diet plan

  14. Choosing a new workout plan

  15. Closing an account

  16. Comparing two photos

  17. Copying or moving the exercises in the workout tracker to another day

  18. Copying or moving the food items in the diet journal to another day

  19. Deleting a food item from my diet tracker

  20. Deleting a photo

  21. Do I have to make all the sets at once or can I alternate with other exercises?

  22. Extra fees

  23. Finding out the fat percentage

  24. Finding the recipes

  25. How does Favorites work in the diet tracker?

  26. How does free trial work?

  27. How many calories can I eat every day?

  28. How many days are included in a diet plan?

  29. How many diet plans do you offer?

  30. I always get the error ''Please enter digits'' when entering measurements. Why is that?

  31. I can't find the exercise I'm looking for. Can I create it?

  32. I have been following the diet plan and the workouts but I see no results. Why is that? Should I change anything?

  33. Is it possible to have more than 5 meals a day?

  34. Is it recommended to follow the exact order of the exercises or can I switch it?

  35. Listing a food item as a favorite

  36. Making a grocery list

  37. My diet plan consists of only two days that are constantly repeating. Is that correct?

  38. Saving a diet plan

  39. Saving a meal

  40. Seeing more nutritional informations for each food item

  41. Seeing more nutritional informations for every day, other than just proteins, carbohydrates and calories

  42. Sending a new message

  43. Skipping meals for a quicker result

  44. The meaning of intensity

  45. The meaning of heart rate 65%

  46. The signification of weight lifting tempo

  47. There are no food items in my grocery list. Why is that?

  48. To whom can I send a message?

  49. Updating measurements

  50. Uploading a photo

  51. Ways of keeping track of the time

  52. What does distance 0 meters mean?

  53. What does hold mean?

  54. What happens if I exceed the number of calories recommended?

  55. What is BMI?

  56. What is FFM?

  57. What is the recommended percentage of carbohydrate, protein and fat in my diet plan?

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